Monday, July 28, 2014

Last 5 letters update from Jun 30-July 28! New leadership calling and finally transferred!

June 30, 2014

Hey family!

It sounded like you all had an interesting week! My week was pretty good, me and elder Chee now have a full time car again so everything has been a lot better since that happened. We have 7 awesome investigators that we are working closely with.  Five of them came to church and it was really good.  The others were out of town or else they would have come too. 3 investigators we have are a 10, 11, and 14 year old who are the children of a less active member who wants to come back to church. She is in full support of bringing up her kids in the church and wants them to be baptized. The funny thing about the lesson we just had with them is we brought a member named I.. as a fellow-shipper and he came with his fiance C.. who is also on of our investigators ha-ha so it was funny we had an investigator teaching an investigator. C... is getting baptized this month and her because her fiancĂ© is a member it was just like having two members come with. It was so sick! It has been really hot and humid here lately. I am like drenched like 24 hours a day in sweat. Other than that there weren’t too many other things that happened, Elder C... is doing great. I don’t even really feel like I’m training him ha-ha, he already knows the ropes and his teaching skills are already better than missionaries who have been out a lot longer. But his coming week, were having a pancake breakfast for the ward and then a bunch of us guys are playing basketball. But President Richards says we're proselyting on the 4th..... I don’t really know how well that’s going to work out but I guess we will see. Not going to lie I am really going to miss having the fourth of July back home this week. I hope you all have some fun stuff planned. Thanks for sending a package! I was not expecting anything big from you guys so no worries about the simple package. Did you guys get the package I sent?? You should email me back soon so I know if you got it or not. Anyways I don’t have whole much more to say. Thanks for the updates on sports, some members told me about he draft, I was very curious why the jazz picked up a point guard when I heard it but it sounds like he’s a good player. And the other guy sounds good too. Everyone has been telling us about the world cup. We have had some really good basketball and soccer on Tuesday and Thursday nights here. Basketball we have like 17 people come and its really competitive and fun. And soccer I’m getting pretty good at again, those vans you got me are perfect to play soccer in :) This week me and Elder Ch.. have to help 4 different families move so it should be a busy week. Anyways thanks for your packages, emails and letters! You guys always keep me going with the things you send me. I love you guys, have a good week :)

July 7, 2014

Hey family!
Thanks for the package that you guys sent me! All the snacks were really good, I haven’t finished them all yet ha-ha. I weighed myself this morning and I was glad to see I lost pounds this week! I’m at 180 flat now. I have been trying all week to work out hard and eat good but its super hard on a mission ha-ha. When I get home I am going to work out every day super hard ha-ha. But anyways it sounds like you guys had a fun 4th. Mine was pretty good, it was a chill day! We didn’t have to proselyte and us and two other elders went over to the walks for a cook out and some dunk ball and it was a blast. We played about 4 hours of dunk ball ha-ha. D.S. is a good friend of mine in this ward, he sent you that video of me dunking on him ha-ha. After that we went down to the Inner Harbor (which was an absolute joke and a mad house) to try and watch fireworks. President Richards extended our curfew till 10 but we barely got to watch any fireworks before we had to leave but oh well it was all good. That’s pretty cool Dad got offered that job, although he gets a raise at his current job and doesn’t take it ha-ha. Sorry to here that they are making you pay for the IPods ha-ha. I honestly would rather just finish out the rest of my mission without and IPod. The members in the DC north and south have nothing but bad things to say about the missionaries using IPods. I’m sure it would be really nice for some things but I don’t know. This week was pretty good though. One of our awesome investigators named P.. who is from Nigeria is getting baptized on the 26th. He even went up and bore his testimony yesterday in front of 300 plus people ha-ha. He is a stud. Casey the returning less active member came to a pancake breakfast we had for the fourth with her kids we are teaching. They also came to church which was super awesome! We are going to get her three kids a baptismal date this week because they are super awesome and ready to get baptized! Me and elder Ch.. have our Trainer- Trainee meeting this week in Fredrick Maryland so that should be cool. I’m excited because we get to got Cafe Rio after ha-ha. The weather here has been insanely hot. It hit 105 one day last weeks with 87 percent humidity. So it felt like 120 back home. It has been super hot and I’m so glad we have a car or else we would die ha-ha. I hope Sarah and lynz are having a good summer. So I’m going to wrap this up so we can chat but I love you guys and hope you have a good week! love ya!

July 14, 2014

Hey Family!
Yeah today President R sent out a test saying we couldn't talk over email anymore. Quiet a few people are pretty ticked about it but oh well. I’m glad you guys decided not to move to South Carolina! The West is the best ha-ha. Sounds like you all had a pretty good week! Me and elder Ch.. had an awesome week. All of our investigators are doing really good. Prince is on date to be baptized for the 26th. We have three other investigators that have excepted baptismal invitations and should they probably have baptismal dates by the end of the week. It has pretty dang hot and humid here for sure. I guess according to you guys were getting a lot of rain soon? Me and elder Ch.. also had the trainer/trainee meeting in Fredrick Maryland. That was a pretty sweet meeting, it was good to see my good friend elder J. from park city and of course elder P. was there and we had a blast. Anyways I cant believe Adam and Mac and all them are home now. Spencer wrote me a letter the other week so I know he has been doing well. I received two emails this week from to of my friends that are girls that are engaged. I have no idea how life is going by so fast ha-ha. I hope they know what there doing ha-ha. I cant believe people are getting engaged at 19. That is way too early in my opinion. Yes we went to chick-fil-a, we know the guys that worked there so they gave us a head band or whatever and gave us free food. The reason I know I will be transferred is because I have been here for six months. They don’t like to keep you in an area over six months unless they have too. That’s crazy that Kyle G.  had his farewell. I did hear about LeBron going back to the cavs and that’s crazy. They should be super good. I’m glad Germany won the world cup; I called it from the beginning ha-ha. It sounds like you all are having a good summer. I hope everything continues to go well with work and everything else.  Anyways I have to go but I love you guys and appreciate the emails and the letter you guys sent. It really made me happy to here from you. Love you guys, have a good week! :)

Love Wes

July 21, 2014

What is up family!
Thanks for the emails! I enjoyed and had a good laugh at the pictures from dad’s mission days and from the fireside. That’s pretty sweet that you got to see people from your mission, I'm sure it must have been weird ha-ha. First off, sorry I forgot to tell you thank Sarah for finding my IPod! I think its pretty cool you found it. I have to admit though I have no idea what the password is on it. So it’s probably useless ha-ha. It’s crazy to me how school is coming up again soon!? I saw some signs for back to school shopping today and I couldn’t believe it. I have been in Baltimore for a long time. I have no doubt in my mind that I will be getting transferred next week. Which will be nice because I feel I have been in this area for ever? Although I don’t really care about where I get transferred now, ha-ha it’s just whatever at this point. That’s cool that you saw those pics on the blog. And yes you are correct my trainer was at the meeting and he is again training a new missionary. Crazy to think that meeting was two weeks ago! So Saturday we have a baptism of my home boy named P.J. from Nigeria, he is super solid. So were looking forward to that. Also Casey who you were talking about is a returning less active member and will be officially reactivated next week. Her three kids who we are also teaching will be baptized on the 16th of August. I’m pretty sure I wont be able to see it because I’m probably getting Transferred and it would be hard to get a ride from my area to go see it but oh well. I have been pretty dang blessed with the number of baptisms I have been able to have on my mission. If everything goes well with the kids I will have had 10 baptisms so far on my mission. I am right no track to meet my personal goal of 20 baptisms by the end of my mission. Anyways I still cant believe how fast time is going. I don’t feel like I have been out an almost a year on my mission. My former comp and zone leader elder T.  is going home in a week and I cant believe it. In August I will be going to my first and last Orioles game of my mission. Because of when my group came in, we got hosed with only one game. But I hope you all have a good week and everything is going well with you guys. You guys and Tricia and Tracy were about the only people that sent me emails this week. And so now I kind of just hate emailing except for hearing from my family. Anyways I’m going to wrap this up. I love you guys keep on keeping on!

Love Wes

July 28, 2014

Hey family!
This last week was good! P.J.'s Baptism was sooooo sweet on Saturday! Everything went good and he bore a sweet testimony of how he wants to share the gospel with everyone when he goes to college this fall. It was really awesome to see him get baptized before I leave :) So yes I am getting transferred finally after six months! Its been a good time but I am definitely ready to move on haha. So I didn't get a call from president last night meaning that I am just a normal missionary. I found that I am getting transferred to the Severna Park ward in Annapolis so that should be cool. But anyway I got a call from my buddy elder Bell (MTC comp). This morning asking me if I'm the district leader, and I told him I wasn't. He told me he though I was, so I got on to check the computer and apparently I am the new district leader down there. Weird how President didn't call me! My district has cool missionaries in it so I'm excited. My new companion is very interesting. He is a little different and apparently just broke his wrist this last week and may need to go home.. So we will see what happens. Friday I'm going to my first leadership meeting in Fredrick so I'm excited :) Apparently I have a baptism on Saturday too, so that's cool haha. Since I'm only about 50 minutes away from Baltimore I think I will be able to make it back to see the 3 kids baptized on the 16th. So I'm pretty excited for this new transfer and hope everything goes well! Anyways you guys all sounded like you had a good week! Mom I'm super proud of you for coming in 1st in your age  group in a half marathon! You are a stud! I forgot that the 24th was a holiday until you guys reminded me it was Pioneer day haha. Crazy to think that school starts in a couple weeks for the girls! Where does time go!? Time is going by so fast! So anything cool coming up for you guys? That''s awesome that you sold your going to sell a house! I'm sure selling Grandmas house will be fun haha. Where does she want to move? Anyways I want to let you know that I love and miss you guys and hope everything continues to go well for you! Its weird to think I will be home in a years time. That isn't long at all! Anyways I love you guys and hope you have a great week! 

love wes