Monday, November 24, 2014

Nov. 24, 2014 letter

Whats up everyone!
Im super stoked for this Thanksgiving week, and I hope you all are too! Its 64 degrees here today so im happy about that as well. This last week was zone training and that was pretty good. On Saturday we went to M's baptism in the GB ward who I interview and play basketball with every week. I'm really tight with him and his Dad... so we brought brother B with us and got to attend so that was awesome. 
All of our investigators except for C are being difficult to get with right now ... and hope to pick some new ones up this week! 
Thanksgiving is going to be awesome. So Thanksgiving is no Pros, so as a zone were playing ultimate Frisbee in the morning. For meals were going to the bishops house with the sisters and 20 or so other people in the ward. We are also going for dessert from the M's (our ward mission leader and his wife from WJ) and then we are going to the B's! So its a pretty stacked day and should be a ton of fun. 
On Saturday we are going to the temple with the B's and some other people including T to go to Baptisms for the dead with them! By the way me and Elder K and the bishop and some high priests ordained T to the office of a priest yesterday and gave him the Aaronic Priesthood!
Sunday night is call outs to see if I'm getting Transferred or not, if I don't will be in 3 areas for about 18 months! I may only have one or two more areas left in me! 
So it anyways it sounds like you guys have some fun Thanksgiving plans with the family! Enjoy your last Thanksgiving with out me haha. Are you going to try to the black friday deals? I don't think we are going to see anyone on Friday haha. So R emailed me today and told me his Dad wants him to go to Utah or SVU so he can be a manager at his Dads place. So he is transferring from Dixie after this semester. They are buying another property thats about 3 acres and expanding on there business. So that pretty much makes up my mind on going to Dixie. I'm pretty dang sure I will not be going there anymore. R also told me that when I get back his Dad will give me a job starting at 14 bucks and houre. So that sounds pretty dang good, so we will have to see what happens. 
What do you guys think? Anyways I'm stoked to get the package from you guys! Thanks for sending me one! :) Well that's about all I got for this week! I love you guys! Tell the family I say hi and I miss them. Tell e's kids thanks for all the mail! :) Have a great week, love ya!

love wes

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Letter 11/17/14

Hey guys!
Holy cow you guys wrote me a lot this last week! It was a good read, thanks for that! :) Sounds like you had a lot going on this last week haha which sounds exactly the opposite of how my week went haha. We had so many appointments cancel on us this last week and of course it was the coldest wettest week of the year so far haha. Me and elder Knudsen had some cold nights walking around haha, so I know you guys are feeling back home!

 Me and elder K are looking to find some new investigators because its been hard to meet with our current ones lately. But that's OK that happens on a mission hopefully we can find some new people who want to be baptized soon! Our recent converts are doing very and and are very active. The B's are just a joy for the ward out here to have, they are so solid. T has already taken on his new calling as scout committee chairman and has provided some great experience to a not very experienced Severn scout program haha. 

I have been feeling sick today and hope that I don't stay feeling like this for very long. A lot of people in our ward are sick right now so its not surprise haha. Tomorrow we have zone training which should be good. This last week I had to do two baptismal interviews so that was interesting, they both passed so it was good because I don't enjoy failing people :/ 

I cant believe Thanksgiving is next week! We have some awesome people having us over so im pretty excited. We will see if President bans turkey bowls this year, because I really want to play haha. Thanks for the sports updates Pops! Hopefully the 49ers do well and get into the post season and hopefully the jazz can establish some good chemistry and make the playoffs this year. So thats about all I have to say about this last week! Any questions for me or anything I can do for you guys? Thanks for all you guys do I miss and love each of you! Be safe out there! Love ya!

Love wes

Monday, November 10, 2014

November 10, 2014 letter

Whats up everyone! 

It was great to here from you guys! This week has been pretty busy and a little long. We had the mission tour with elder and sister Perkins which is the last mission tour of my mission. It was good he talked a lot about just teaching simply and be confident and happy as missionaries. Right after that I went on exchanges with one of the zone leaders in Glen Burnie which was alright, it rained at was cold for the whole exchange so I was glad to be in a car haha.

It was a little hard to set up appointments with people this last week because people were sick and no one wants to let us in when it gets dark haha. Today its sunny and 65 degrees out so its really nice and enjoyable. I hate the dark and the cold haha, especially on a mission. No wonder I like summer so much. But anyways A our investigator is doing well and came to church on Sunday. And some less active members we haven't seen in awhile also came so that was pretty cool. 

The weeks go by slow but I look back and everything is a blur. So I'm curious as to what the missionaries did as a lesson after dinner with you guys? How did they ask for referrals?

 I hope everything is good with Sarah and Lynz. 

What are you guys doing for Thanksgiving? We already have three people lined up for thanksgiving day so that should be fun. Anyways as far as Christmas ideas go. I really don't know what to ask for. I feel like sending money is the best way to go because I'm not really sure and shipping is expensive but I know you kind of hate doing that mom so I don't know. I'll try and think of some stuff.  Anyways thanks for all you guys do, have a great week!

Love Wes 

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

November 3, 2014

Hey whats up everyone!

This last week as really good, so I don't know if I told you wrong or if you just misunderstood but R is the one we lost contact with. T is great and got baptized and confirmed this weekend and gave an awesome testimony afterwords! So it was way sweet to be a part of that. His non member wife who hates any church for the most part and also came with there 14 year old son who were hoping to work with now. 

Anyways I received the Halloween package and letter with the drivers license and credit card. Thanks so much for doing that! Anyways we have a new investigator named A who has been coming to church and we have been teaching so hopefully he accepts a baptismal invitation next time we go over! :) Tomorrow is out mission conference with elder and sister Perkins and I'm not stressing about it anymore and so I'm sure it will be good :) 

Halloween was cool on Friday, we had leadership meeting in Fredrick and then since it was no proselyting we played basketball and volleyball as a zone! It sounds like you all had a pretty fun Halloween! That's sweet that you guys had such nice weather!