Friday, May 22, 2015

May 4, 11 and 18th letters

May 18, 2015 

Hey family!

Dang it has been a great week! D's baptism is on Saturday and we are pretty stoked about that! Everything is going really well with all of our investigators. We should have 3 more baptisms soon after Davids baptism on Saturday. As far as transfers go I am staying in Annapolis and Elder B is getting transferred to Frederick which we were both a little disappointed with but my new companion is elder V, My first MTC companion. 

It should be a blast, me and him got along super well and I bet he will be my last companion if you can believe it. Everything is going really well though. We are seeing a couple less active members we have been working with coming back to church every week and getting involved with the ward so that has been sweet to see. 

Things just keep on rolling here, I am not too sure what else to talk about. We have leadership this week which should be cool. I'm just trying to continue to work super hard until the very end. Crazy how I only have 12 weeks left. 

Thanks for the sports updates, I heard the playoffs have been the best that people have seen in a long time, so that's pretty sick. I really hope Kyrie and LeBron take it all. Today for preparation day we are playing volleyball so that should be fun. Tonight we are getting taken out for Frozen yogurt and then we are playing baseball for family home evening with a bunch of members, less actives and some non members so that will be pretty dang fun. 

That's all I got for this week! I love you guys! Thanks for all you do!

Love wes

May 11, 2015 

Hey guys!
I too have no idea what to talk to you guys about, I really liked the call though and really enjoyed talking to you guys! :) I realized that through the craziness of trying to figure out the call that I don't know if i ever told mom happy mothers day, so sorry about that haha :)

 I hope that you had a good day and I am so grateful for all that you do for me! Anyways I got the bike info I think. First of all the model is a Trek 3700. We were trying to figure out the size and we think its s15? We aren't entirely sure though. 

Anyways I hope you guys have a good week. This is the last full week of the transfer for us. On Sunday we will know what will be happening with transfers. President Richards only has one shortened 5 week transfer left until he is gone and the Christiansen's arrive. Crazy times haha. 

Anyways I love you all very much and am grateful for all that you do for me! 
 I love you guys!

Love Wes

May 4, 2015

Hey family!

Holy cow what a week! Thanks for all your emails! Thanks for the shirts, the long sleeve is perfect size but the  short sleeve one is too big. I am like a large 16. Anyways it was a crazy week. We went on exchanges with the office assistants this week. I stayed in Annapolis and my buddy elder h who is 6'7 and playing basketball for Westminster came with me. We had a ton of fun but we were so busy.

We helped with two different moves this last week. We had to go to therapy for elder B because he has a torn ligament in his back. We also got to play basketball with a bunch of ballers on friday which was really fun. It was my first time playing in like 2 plus months so I was pretty rusty haha.

Our investigators are doing really well right now. The B family that we found while door knocking we did service for. She absolutely loves us and her mom was there as well and she loved us too. They said too us
" So you guys are going to make us Mormon and then send our sons away for two years to do this huh?"
It was super funny, she was the one who sent the pictures of me and elder H doing service in the yard and shes not even a member haha. They are so cool! Her husband is a geologist for the government and she is a general surgeon. She is having twins on Tuesday so we will meet up with them again soon.

We also found a guy named c who is a high school basketball coach for basketball which is pretty cool and we started teaching him. There is so much other stuff going on right now that this letter could go on all day haha.

Me and elder B are working soooo hard right now and its awesome and insane at the same time haha. I am loving everything right now and weeks just keep passing by and its getting weirder and weirder every week.

Anyways that picture of you guys at the Utah draft party is sick! I am glad you guys got to go! Anyways the weather is starting to get hot here. Its 86 degrees today. And by the way I think selling my bike to that kid coming in the mission in August is a perfect idea. let me know the details when it gets closer. Anyways I love you guys very much, have a great week!

Love Wes

Sunday, May 3, 2015

April 20 and 27 Letters from Wes

April 27, 2015

Hey guys! 
Thanks for the emails from everyone this last week! Its always nice hearing from everyone! Thanks for the package and the hand written letters from mom and lynz! 

The long sleeve shirt is good but the short sleeve shirt is big on me. But thanks for the other stuff you guys sent. Btw, did you guys ever get my package I sent from Frederick before I got transferred? Also that picture you saw of me lifting was from the elders Quorum President in Frederick when we moved someone out. 

Anyways my week was pretty good. We had our zone training on Wednesday and of course President Richards showed up, I'm sure because  I am a new zone leader. It went really well though everything went really smoothly and the instruction was really what our zone needed so it was good. 
President Richards said he liked it a lot so that was good. Its crazy how he goes home so soon. 

Other than that though we had a super good week and we found two new investigators and found a less active not on the roles of our ward while we were knocking doors and street contacting. So that was a miracle. We went on exchanges with the Kent island branch elders and I stayed in Annapolis and elder B went there and we switched companions. We have to go on exchanges with every elder companionship in our zone (exchanges are for us to help missionaries and give training) 

I'm going on exchanges on Tuesday with the Spanish elders and I'm going into the Spanish elders area. It should be interesting because I only know a little Spanish. So the elder that I'm going with basically has to do everything haha and he is a brand new missionary out of the MTC. But he will learn a lot from it haha. 

Going on exchanges so much is crazy though. Me and elder B don't see each other that much and the weeks go by really fast because of it. Everything is going really well and we have a 10 year old on date for may 9th to be baptized and have several other investigators who are close! :) 

The transfer has been a whirl wind so far and its already half over! We only have one more transfer after this and President is gone and I will start my last transfer on the mission! Its so weird talking to all the RM midshipmen from the Academy and talking about what its like after the mission. 

Anyways everything is going super well and I am loving it here in Annapolis yesterday we got to go to a less active members house and they have a house on the water and a dock and boat and everything and we got to sit out there and it was super nice. 

Thanks for all the sports updates Dad! Go Cavs baby! My two favorite players are tearing it up! Glad to here you are still balling with everyone and those guys! I am super excited to come ball with you when I get home! That's way sick you guys get to go to the draft party! How did you get hooked up with that! I love Utah though! I hope you guys get some autographs and have a good time. That's all I got for this week and I am excited to talk to ya on mothers day! Have a great week!

Love Wes

April 20,  2015

Hey family!
Today is going to be a short letter because I had to drive clear to Columbia and back and take that stupid test that took two hours to set up so we have not been able to do ANYTHING today which is like two preparation days in a row so that's been pretty lame. 

Anyways I took the test finally and it put me in math (...) or something haha,...but I don't think I did too bad considering I have not done math in two years and I only had a paper and pencil. Anyways I am not going to take math anyways. 

I did just barely get your letter and the schedule looks good other than I don't want to take math and I don't really want to have basketball on Saturdays. 

This week has been crazy like last week. Me and elder B have insanely busy with investigators, meeting with the stake presidency, planning zone training for tomorrow etc. It has been a constant whirl wind since I have got to Annapolis. 

The members are fantastic here and are super cool.  I'm glad to here you guys went to elder P's homecoming! That's pretty sweet that he is home now. 

The weather here is pretty dang nice. Its 80 degrees today its pretty humid. I cant believe you guys got 8 inches of snow and its already gone! That's crazy!. Second is I could really use some new white shirts. My shirts are sooo nasty and they aren't even white anymore haha.

I have been holding out on asking for some for a long time now but I really need some haha. Anyways thanks for all your help with schooling and everything I love you guys very much and appreciate all you do! Have a great week and be safe! Thanks for your letter! :)

Love Wes