Monday, April 13, 2015

April 13, 2015 20 month mark today and zone leader

Hey family!

Holy cow this was the craziest week of my mission! We were so insanely busy that the week went by so fast! The Annapolis ward is awesome! The previous time I served in the Annapolis stake was about 25 minutes inland from the bay and was a lot different than actually serving in the city of Annapolis and I love it! It is the coolest area ever. Our apartment is right next to the naval academy and our ward besides being a normal ward is the magnet YSA ward because of the naval academy is so close.

We work with a lot of the midshipmen and teach a lot of people on the academy or “on the yard" we taught a media referral from Utah who is not a member and brought a stud YSA going to the academy from Provo with us named T! The naval academy is soooo sweet! I love working with all the YSA's that are our age!

Yesterday we went over to the YSA meet and greet that we are encouraged to go to and hang out and fellowship with them. Friday we had a leadership meeting we had to go to so that was good. Elder D one of the assistants from Provo came out with us all weekend and I learned a ton from him.

We also are teaching a family of six, so that is way sweet! We have 9 investigators right now and easily could have 7 baptisms here soon which would be insane for our mission. I got to play ball on Friday night as well with some members and less actives and that was fun. They love playing ball down here. So the D line coach for Navy named coach nua is also in our ward! He is so sick! He won a ring with the Steelers before he had to retire. So we helped him move a couch and had a lesson with him as well.

We got taken out to eat like 4 times already since I have been here. Annapolis is the most swanky rich place I have ever been too ha-ha. We went to the world famous chicken ruths restaurant on Saturday ( which is where you saw the picture of us) some random member there bought us the man vs food 6 pound colossal shake that the man vs food guy did on his show. And then another nice family from Dallas came and took all our pictures to send to our moms and paid for our meals! It was so crazy!!!

This week was so good but so tiring! My companion is cool though! He is 6'5 like 230 and he is only 19 years old and he has been out for like 17 months. He graduated super early to come on a mission and didn’t even play his senior year of baseball. He could have gotten drafted out of high school to the MLB. He’s going to BYU for a year then he’s going into the draft and will probably get drafted in the 2nd or 3rd round. He is a really good missionary. His last companion was an assistant so he is very purpose focused and obedient. He really works hard and pushes me to do my best in everything so it’s pretty sweet.

[We} have a lot of responsibility so we are constantly going so it’s pretty tiring but its fun. Glad to hear that guys are going to elder P’s homecoming!

Anyways that’s what’s going on here! I love and miss you guys and I just passed my 4 month mark till I go home so that’s crazy! Anyways thanks for your emails and updates! I love you guys! Have a good week!

Love Wes

Sunday, April 12, 2015

April 6, 2015

Re: From Dad:

Hey guys! 
Holy cow, thank you so much for the Easter package! I wore the sweet tie you gave me on Sunday and have been enjoying the candy. I also received a combined packed package from Grandma and T and got loaded up on candy and money from them. 

Over all it was a fantastic Easter and I had a blast watching conference at the church as well as at members houses. I too like the oaks and Uchtdorf talks a lot but my top three had to have been the fast offering talk by Pres Eyring, the elder Holland talk on the atonement, and the elder Christofferson talk. 

Saturday night before Priesthood session we did go to a Chinese buffet and it was pretty good and a lot of fun. It was a really good week though full of a lot of service (since the weather is nice now) and seeing a lot of less active and we had to give six blessings this week. So anyways as far as transfers go me and Elder W are both getting transferred! I am getting transferred to the Annapolis ward in Annapolis city! My companion is Elder B the Elder who is going to the MLB after his mission! So I am pretty pumped and excited!

I never though I would go back to the Annapolis stake in a million years haha. I get to go on exchanges to the Broadneck ward right next to us where D and A our convert who moved from Towson moved too! I am so pumped to see them! 

They have since had there baby since I have seen them last (The one who was baptized in her stomach haha)I also get to go over to Coach N house the coach of the navy football team who was in meet the Mormons! I'm super stoked about everything though. 

We have to do a lot of packing an cleaning today and I will probably be sending my winter stuff home this week. Anyways I am glad that you guys had a good spring break and Easter, it sounds like you guys had a lot of fun! 

Thanks for updating me on everything and good to here D went on a mission and that the W boy is coming to my mission the day I leave haha. 

I found out the temple will be closed that week so we will probably come home on that Wednesday instead of Thursday because of that! 

Elder P is coming home on W and you should go to his homecoming! I told him you would try to make it! Its at our old neighborhoods church building on wild clover lane at 11:00 am. Anyways that's about all I got for you guys this week! I love you guys very much! Thanks for all you guys do for me! 

Love Wes