Friday, January 23, 2015

January 21, 2015 letter

Hey family!

First of all thanks for the package, it was nice to get something in the mail for once ha ha. So before I even begin I just wanted you to know this has been the craziest  and weirdest week of my entire mission hands down. I didn't email yesterday because we absolutely didn't have time after zone training yesterday so I'm emailing today. 

So first of all I'm not training a new missionary. I got called last Tuesday the day before transfers from President Richards that my companion went home in the MTC as well as another elder from the same district. So me and elder B who was also supposed to Train ended up being companions. 

So President shut down the area he was in and sent him to Brunswick with me. I was a little bummed but since them I have been pretty glad. Elder B is a hilarious missionary from Payson. He has been out for 20 months. So you could say between the two of us we are a pretty old companionship. 

So besides all the crazy people we ran into this last week our week got even crazier. Saturday night were eating at T bell when I get a call from elder O a spanish missionary who lives in our apartment complex. He asks how close to the apartments we are and told us to meet us at his apartment as soon as possible. So we hurry over and they just come pealing into the parking lot. Elder O's companion who just got into the mission field 2 days earlier is doubled over and in serious pain in his stomach. So we help him into the apartment. 

He cant even sit down or stand or anything so while hes half curled up on a ball on the ground me and elder O give him a blessing. At this point we know we have to take him to urgent care or something. So we strart calling President and sister Richards phone like crazy and they don't answer.  

In the mission field there is a very strict rule about only taking people to emergency room or anything like that only when you get permission to do so. So finally after 20 minutes of us calling everyone does sister Richards call us back and lets us go to the ER. 

So all four of us are in this car and I'm driving the car like I'm in the fast and the furious weaving in and out of cars. And we roll up to the ER and rush him in. And we find out from the Doctor that his Appendix just burst. So were all the hospital waiting there for 3 hours. Trying to figure out what the heck was going on. President calls us and tells us that one of us needs to stay with elder F who is the one in the hospital. Elder O his comp, is really bad with blood and stuff and faints at the sight of anything like that so Elder B stays with him and I take elder Orton back to my area with me. 
So it was insane weekend. After church the next day we went back to the hospital and visited them. Elder F had successful surgery but was still being closely watched. So President came to the hospital and everything and spent some time with him and elder B came back and we did a trio while elder f is recovering. 

So most of the weekend and Monday we were going to the hospital and back to our area to go check on elder f and it was nuts and I'm sure it wont be a week I will forget in a long time. Anything else in the week I don't really remember in all the craziness. So that was the gist of my last week. 

Glad to see you are all doing well and that you guys are having a good week. As far as thinking about college I think I will probably just do a semester at Slcc when I get home and then go to Utah state in the Spring of next year. But I'm sure when I get home I will be driving to Logan and places a lot to go visit my friends so that is my plan so far. 

Anyways thanks again for the package it was really nice to get. I bought a sweet Real Madrid jersey on Monday with the remainder of my Christmas money. It was originally 100 bucks but I got it for 40 bucks at the this indoor soccer complex so it was sweet and now I'm decked out when I play soccer. 

Thanks again for the emails hope you have a good week and I love you guys.
Love Wes

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

January 12, 2015

Hey family!

It was really good to get some nice emails from you guys this week! Its nice to know that I am missed back home.!

 That's crazy that you guys are going to get 150 extra people in the ward! Its funny how Utah can just throw around numbers of people like that compared to what its like out here in Maryland haha. 

So with the new ward members, are there any good ball players over there? I don't think I know anyone over there except for the H's which you mentioned. 

Anyways that's cool that Basketball season is in full swing and your getting out there and playing. I cant wait when I get to come home and play some ball, I have really been lacking that lately! 

Soccer has been fun though and I have been getting better than I have ever been and my new shoes are sweet so its been cool. By the way I do NOT need shin guards but thanks for offering, that was nice of you :) 

Anyways this last week was very cold. Wednesday and Thursday were probably the two coldest days of my mission. We didn't have a car and icy wind was blowing at about 40 miles per hour. With wind chill members said it was 4 degrees outside. Needless to say I hope I never have to walk in that weather again haha. 

We saw most of our Investigators this week so that was cool. All of our investigators bailed on coming to church though so that was a bummer. Our investigator J got called into work although he is doing very well and hopefully should have a baptism date soon. 

We also found a new investigators this week who lives in our apartment complex. His girl friend who lives and is a member in the DC north mission called us and told us to go to his house. We went over and he has already gone though all the pamphlets and has read a lot of the Book of Mormon. He often goes to church with his girl friend in Northern Virginia. He has some issues with the church including a living prophet...
But anyways I think it will go well.

Other than that things are going well. Its a little slow but its starting to pick up. 

Oh and you probably want to know about Transfers. So elder P is getting Transferred. So the whole day yesterday I was expecting just to get another elder in here. But then at 1010 PM president called me right as I got done reporting and told me I was training a new missionary. So im at it again it should be fun, hopefully I wont get stressed out with training and being a district leader haha. 

But anyways that's about all that happened this week! Elder B is getting transferred :( But he's getting transferred to my old area Severn which is a zone leader area now! And of course he gets full car there haha and I had to walk everywhere. 

But anyways I love and miss you guys! Thanks for all you do for me! President and the group that goes home with him on June 25.  

Interviews with President are next week so we will talk about when I will go home! I love you guys! Have a good week!

LOVE. Wes 

Friday, January 9, 2015

January 5, 2015

Hey family!
Good to here from all you guys! Holy cow it sounds like you had a busy and fun week with the holidays! I'm glad to here that you had all are having a good time and having fun. 

My week was pretty good. Monday we got a call from elder G that he was coming on team ups with me and elder P. So we enjoyed three of our days with him. He is a super cool assistant and was elder B's trainer. I was a little stressed out but it wasn't bad at all. Tuesday for my District meeting we already elder Green with us when Elder Z another assistant showed up! I almost died! But I'm really cool with both of them so it wasn't bad but I have been wondering this whole week why they both were there haha. 

But anyways new years [eve] was kind boring but good. We had to be in at 8. We went to cafe rio and some member picked up our tab so that was awesome. And we bought some sparkling cider and drank it when we got home. We were allowed again to watch G rated movies so we borrowed toy story 3 from a member and watched that until bed time haha. 

New years day was really fun. We couldn't proselyte so it was like a preparation day. I planned a district lunch and we all splurged and went to olive garden, it was pretty good. 

Anyways I cant believe there having you speak in church again mom haha. What is this like the third time since I have been gone? So good ways to prepare I think are to get in the habit of being really friendly with people and not being afraid to talk with anyone. Also reading and gaining a testimony of the scriptures and knowing whats in them is super crucial. Being prepared as well to worry about other people and not worry about yourself is huge. Ways I have changed on my mission I feel I can with 100 percent certainty that the gospel is true. I have learned that its not all about me and the best way to be happy is to help others and gain a testimony of the gospel. I think my priorities have changes a lot as well and a lot of the worldly things don't seem as important as the things we can do to grow spiritually. I have also learned not to waste time and being effective in everything you do so you can get everything done that you need to. I have also gained a testimony about the reasons god gives us commandments and how they can benefit us in our lives. So anyways I hope that's a good enough list of things to help you with your talk! 

Anyways its been a crazy day and its super cold outside so me and elder P have to get going but I love you guys! Thanks for all you guys do for me and the love and encouragement you give me. I hope you guys have a good week. I potentially have under six months until I come home which is crazy to think about.

Anyways I love you all! Have a good week!
Love wes

Friday, January 2, 2015

December 29, 2014 letter

Hey family!

I just got done writing a short letter to you guys and writing a thank you note to the relief society. I laughed after reading your email because a lot of what you talked about goals and stuff I talked about in my letter haha. 
Anyways it was really good to talk to you guys on Christmas! It was for sure the least prepared phone call on both our ends haha but no worries. I really enjoyed Chistmas and you guys and everyone spoiled me with gifts as always :) I hope you guys had a good Christmas even though seemed like it was pretty low key for you guys.
Anyways thanks again for the presents. I cant believe 2015 is upon us. That is INSANE! I cant believe I can say I come home this year and maybe even right as summer starts! We will have to see what happens with that but ill keep you posted for sure. 
I dont really have much more to say since we just talked. But thanks for  being so awesome I love you guys! ... I love you guys! Have a great week!
Love wes