Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Feb. 23, 2015 letter...Snow and Shoveling out

Hey whats up family!

It has been an interesting week! it was freezing cold everyday this week except for yesterday which was like 50 (today the high is 20 again). We spent A lot of time walking around and shoveling people. Our cars were grounded 3 or so days this last week. It snowed about a foot of snow here and everything in Maryland pretty much shut down. We shoveled so many people out it was pretty crazy. In total we probably shoveled 30 plus people's houses or cars out. 

We met a lot of cool people including a really cool Brazilian guy who knows a lot about the church and is pretty interested. We were able to get a lot of return appointments from all the service so hopefully they will turn into some new investigators soon. 

Because of the weather T and a part member family we are working with canceled there appointments with us so we did not get to see them. We did see another awesome part member family though that we had a good lesson with. We plan on giving her and T dates for baptism this week. 

As far as Transfers go I am staying in Brunswick and you know elder B is going home. It has been really weird to have a companion I am with going home. 

My new companions name is elder W who I will get on Wednesday at transfers. He came out with me, I don't know too much about him other than I heard he is nice and has a lot of energy haha which is probably something I could use more of haha. 

The three sisters in my ward are getting shot gunned out. Sister Bl who is in my district and the rest of the sisters that came out with me are going home. Elder V in my district and is the zone leader is getting elder J as a companion who is my buddy. You might remember me talking about him. 

So a lot is going home a lot of people are getting transferred but I'm staying put. I really hope this transfer is good, I have a lot of new missionaries to get to know and help and so my plate will be pretty full this next six weeks.  

I am starting to get really sick of this cold weather so I hope march brings some nicer and warmer weather. So that's about all that's going on with me. Sounds like you had a packed week with E's kids and all. 

I didn't realize that E is old enough to be that big and [L] looks a lot older too! I'm glad you guys had fun and were able to spend time with them though. I did send (Aunt) E and her kids a letter a couple of weeks ago but I guess they never got it. 

Anyways I miss you guys...have a great week and stay safe! 

Love Wes

Friday, February 20, 2015

Feb. 17, 2015

Hey family!  

Thank you guys so much, for the valentines package! I got your package, T&T's package grandma P's and J's pacakge and a letter from Grandma D with money in it all on Valentines day so it was awesome. I'm pretty loaded up on candy and stuff now so thank you guys so much for thinking of me! Thanks for all the emails and pictures as well you guys sent me, it sounds like you all had a pretty good Valentines day and I'm glad yours wasn't as cold as mine was haha.
Saturday was terrible haha. the overnight low with the wind chill was -31. We had a white out with 60 mile an hour winds and our cars were grounded from 6pm until the end of the night. We walked around in the 60 mile an hour winds and it was about -12 while we were walking around trying to find people to get it with haha. Me and elder B stepped into a doller tree to warm up and we bought each other chips and mountain dew as Valentines day presents hahahaha. It was unreal cold outside though haha. Last night we got 6 inches of snow but its a nice bright day and the snow is starting to melt a little even though its still wayyyy cold outside.

I don't think its going to be warm here anytime soon haha, so enjoy the good weather you guys have. Anyways that's cool you guys guys saw pictures of me at the Fredrick Rescue haha. Some stake rep came in and took a bunch of pictures of us for some news paper article and I guess they ended up on the website.
Yesterday we got to go the temple and do an endowment session and the temple so that was sick. Although we got the... 1980's... version of the video for some reason haha. We were all a little ticked haha but that's not as important as the point of the session so it was still really good.

After that we went to some all you can eat chinese buffet and it was TERRIBLE and we all felt sick the whole rest of the day afterwords haha. Today we have to do a lot of our stuff because we didnt get much done with us going to the temple. We had some really good investigator lessons though this week with our investigators. The 18 year old kid T we are working with is now on date for the second week in march so that is awesome.
Anyways sorry to here Dad lost is basketball game, that sound like the stupidest loss ever... Anyways thanks Dad for the all star weekend info. A member had it on last night and I wanted to watch it really bad haha. Thats cool that J is going on another mission though. Those kids names you met sound familiar but they are not in my ward so there is no way we would really know each other. I definitely know president cooke though so that's funny that you met them. I will ask the Fredrick ward elders if they know who they are. Anyways that girl didn't email me but its cool. If shes in tune with the spirit she will write me, haha just playin. 

Anyways thanks for all you guys do for me I love ya! Oh and PS my comp  has to go home to get surgery so he will be going home next week at transfer meeting, which is really only 2 months earlier than he would have gone home anyways so that probably means I will be staying here in Brunswick for another Transfer until April. Anyways I love you guys, have a great week!

Love wes

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Feb 9, 2015 Letter

Whats up!
My week was pretty boring but it was good enough. We have had this kid named T who's been coming to church for the last couple of weeks. 

He's 18 years old and he finally agreed to take the missionary lessons, so were teaching him tonight in a members home so it should be good and he already wants to be baptized, so hopefully everything works out and he does end up getting baptized. 

We dropped one person as an investigator this last week, so were hoping to find some more investigators as always haha.  We have a bunch of solid potentials so hopefully they work out; one of them is even a family of five so we will see.

President Richards announced this week that elders and sisters are no longer allowed to ride in the same car together, and me and elder B share a car, slash car pool with two sets of sisters so we were in big trouble.  The zone leaders talked to president and the office and got us a full time car. So we are pretty stoked about that. 

The weather here has been rainy and still pretty chilly but not too bad. 

This week we have zone conference so that's about all that's really going on with this week. 

Anyways tell B I say hi, that is cool he is back and served a full mission and has matured a little. 

Thanks for the sports updates and everything, I hope you guys have a good week and hopefully we can get some of that weather your having  back over here in Maryland. 

I love you guys have a great week.
Love wes

Monday, February 2, 2015

February 2, 2015

Hey family!
It sounds like you guys had a pretty packed and crazy week! I couldn’t help but laughing at moms terrible luck this last week. Her day full of cancelled appointments and disappointments sounds like many many days I have had as a missionary ha-ha. I’m sorry you had a bad week I’m sure this week will be a lot better, it sounds like you for sure are trying to accomplish a lot in your days ha-ha.

So Dad do you have to go to Ward councils in the morning? What are the ward councils like back home? Anyways my week was not the greatest either ha-ha. It was funny how you both wished me good health because I have been horribly sick since Friday. I had body aches, headaches, stomach ache, horrible sore throat and cough and I’m pretty sure a sinus infection. My ears wouldn’t pop for like two whole days! Anyways so that was pretty miserable, we had to cancel a bunch of good appointments we had and we didn’t get to do a whole lot especially since elder B had the 24 hour flu on Tuesday and was throwing up ever 40 minutes or so, sound familiar?

We missed church and ward council yesterday but our two solid investigators were at church anyways, so that was exciting. They closer and closer to being ready for baptism each week.

So I pretty much didn’t even think about the super bowl and all these last couple of days ha-ha. President sent out a text a couple days ago that absolutely no one was allowed to watch it this year ha-ha (good thing I got to watch it last year ha-ha). So yeah it has been a very slow boring uncomfortable week ha-ha.

Today I feel much better and were having a zone activity of going to an all you can eat pizza buffet and then playing dodge ball and basketball at the church, so I’m pretty pumped for that.  Hopefully you get back to health so you can ball so hard this week.

Nothing much on the agenda this week. I am just looking forward to getting back in the swing of things. We got a new ward mission leader and he is the man! He is getting things done and he is finally starting to get us dinners again! We haven’t been fed much at all this last month, I was scraping the bottom of my agency card this last month ha-ha. So were excited to have him and hopefully get the ward members more involved here in Brunswick. As far as school goes though I will probably do Slcc for a semester and then transfer to Utah state or UVU (most likely Utah state though). So anyways if you have any other questions let me know. I love you guys and hope you guys have a better week! I’m glad my boy silver got a ring. Go Copper hills! Have a great week!

Love Wes

January 26, 2015

Hey family!

Looks like you guys had a fun week going up to Sundance and birthdays parties and stuff. 

It's currently snowing here and its pretty cold. Considering I talked to you on Wednesday not to much happened since I talked to you guys last. Elder B had a boil on his lower back that he had to go to urgent care and get it looked at and cut open. He has some other previous medical issues that made it a little dangerous for him so we had to go to the surgeon the next day so he can look at it. 

He will be fine but will need a surgery when he gets home in 4 months. I have spent so much time in the last 2 weeks in hospitals and doctors offices that I never want to go into one for the rest of my mission haha. 

Anyways its been snowing a little bit on and off but the snow luckily keeps melting. This year has been really good so far, we haven't had much snow and its only been horribly cold a couple days so far. 

Hopefully we can make it through February with nothing too crazy and I should be home free for the rest of my mission, then I can send all of my cold weather stuff home or trash it. 

Anyways my interview with President Richards was good, but we really only talked about the concerns of people in my District and things like that and he didn't even mention anything about going home or anything like that. Hes really caught up in a lot of business right now so I don't think he is even thinking about him going home or anything. 

There should be another interview in about 3 months and I'm sure that is when we will talk about that stuff. But for now I'm just planning on staying out until the last week of July or August or whenever the Transfer ends. 

Anyways things are going well here. We just got a new ward mission leader in Brunswick named brother M and he is an awesome guy and should do good as the new ward mission leader. Today we are going to play some basketball for P- day with a ton of missionaries so that should be fun. Tonight we have dinner with a multi-millionaire so that should be fun! 

Anyways that's about all I have to report on for this last week We're still working with our investigators and two of them are really solid and should get baptized soon they just have to make church a priority. 

Anyways I love you guys very much, thanks for all of your love and support. Have a great week. 

Love wes