Tuesday, October 29, 2013

"We got a new investigator this week who read to Mosiah in one week,"

Hey guys!


How are you all doing? I’m glad you got to go to Sutton’s farewell! He emailed me and said it went really good. Dallin Noble also had his farewell on Sunday. Almost everyone is finally out now and that makes me really happy to here.  

So our investigators are being baptized on November 16th hopefully with there 10 year old daughter. I will keep you posted on that. We got a new investigator this week who read to Mosiah in one week which was super awesome and surprising. He is 84 years old and is probably the nicest guy I have ever met.  He is a free mason so that is pretty cool.

So we got an email from our [Mission] President saying we are not allowed to proselyte on Halloween, we have had like 5 people that we shouldn’t got out on Halloween because there are so many people out here who do like legit witch craft and crazy stuff like that.  We [also] heard [that] there is like a big Satan worshiping [group] a couple cities away. Some people are crazy out here.

Elder Zander and I are working hard. I’ll be sending more pictures soon so keep a look out for that. President told us this week that we can only write letters on Mondays now, so that kinda stinks but oh well. Tell mom my face isn’t getting fatter I must have just looked weird, haha trust me I would notice if my face were getting fatter. But, by the way, I guess I never told you guys how big my area is. My area is about as big as Salt Lake would be to Spanish Fork, if that gives you a good picture in your head of how big my area is. There are probably only 50000 people in my entire area. Anyways I have to wrap this up but I love and miss you guys and hope you are all doing well. That experience that you told me about with that kid Sarah is going on a date with made me laugh pretty hard.

I’ll talk to ya soon!


love Wes


Monday, October 21, 2013

October 21, 2013 Letter from Elder Westley LeGrande

Hi Everyone,

So two of our investigators are being baptized not this Saturday but next Saturday! We are so excited; one the husband…has been struggling with tobacco for so long and has finally stopped, so it is so awesome! 

I will make sure to send you the pictures of it when it happens! They have become really good friends of ours and have come such a long way. I gave him a blessing to be able to quit tobacco a couple of days ago and he hasn’t done it at all, and I really think he won’t ever do it again; the power of the priesthood is awesome!

Elder Zander and I got to go to a place in our area this week called Basye Bryce ski resort and town! Since we are as far west and south as you can pretty much go in our mission Basye Bryce borders two other missions so it was pretty cool, its seriously just a mini park city! Missionaries probably have never been out there in the history of the church, so it was pretty cool to go there. It is like 45 minutes away but still in our area in the middle of nowhere in some mountains! Our area is huge. We almost converted a Jehovah witness down there ha-ha but maybe next time!

[We couldn't hike] because it wasn't our P-day, we went there because no one has in years and Pres Wright thought it would be good for people to see missionaries there so we just proselyted for 5 hours ha-ha. But yes I got Emily’s package, it was really nice of her to send it! And yes I got some pictures! I have to go but I will write a letter this week OK  Thank you so much for the package you sent me as well it made my whole week! :) Tell Lyndsey I absolutely loved the picture she drew for me :) It’s hanging up by my bed :) She is such a good artist! :)

The Young Men and Women hosted a “Lost Shepherd” dinner for investigators but 90 percent of them couldn't come except the family who are getting baptized are sitting with sister missionaries in the video (so others could get to know them) and other ones who the sisters are teaching! The youth did a cool serving job where they all do the same thing at a time, which they really worked on. BTW the couple getting baptized has a 10 year old daughter will probably be baptized by her dad once he is baptized and get the Aaronic Priesthood.  So that will be another baptism coming up!

I love you guys very much I hope you have a good week, watch out for those hockey players ha-ha :)

Elder LeGrande

Monday, October 7, 2013

in Luray i got to be with my boy Elder Zwahlen! (the elder who is the QB for University of Hawaii)

Hey guys!

So Elder Zander and I are staying in Woodstock! We are both pretty glad considering we have so many investigators so close to being baptized. This coming Saturday we also have a softball game we get to play in, it’s our stake vs. the Lutheran church! They do it every year and apparently it goes really well and then after we have a picnic with them. Elder Zander and I are going to convert them all! Hahaha there team is pretty good apparently they have a minor league baseball player, and they have an actual team with jerseys and all that jazz. No worries though we are going to win because we are playing for the lord! ;) So we are excited for that!

We painted part of [a] sister’s house this week so that was fun. I also got to go on two exchanges this week to the crazy little town of Luray haha. Luray is even more in the middle of nowhere than Woodstock, apparently there is like real life witches that live there and stuff like that haha. Luray is the middle of all these mountains that people call the “hollers” “haha but they are  really “the hollows.” These hollows are full of moonshiners and white gangsters and probably some KKK guys.

So in Luray i got to be with my boy Elder Zwahlen! (the elder who is the QB for Hawaii) we had a ton of fun me and him are a ton alike. We got to feed one of the member’s herds of bulls! Each of them have a specific name and they are trained like dogs.  Hahahaha it’s the funnies thing I have ever seen, we fed them cookies because that’s what they love to eat haha. We also got to go to the top of one of these huge hills and see the amazing view, it was really sweet.

General conference was super good! We got to watch it with two of our investigators. They both really liked it and are doing really well with them. As for myself I loved conference especially all of President Monson’s talks. There were many others that I especially liked but don’t have time to go into all of them, but one thing I did notice was how many of them talked about the sign of the times and having a testimony to be able to make it through whatever happens in these last days as so many put it.
Anyways so a good percent of our district is being transferred and Elder Zwhalen is leaving so I am kind of sad about that but I better get used to it! I hope you guys are having a good week that’s cool you went to that concert, that sounds like a lot of fun. I have been taking lots of pictures so i will send that for sure ASAP.

I love you guys all very much thank you for your prayers and thoughts I equally pray and think about you guys.


Love Wes