Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March letters " I’m going to keep working hard and making everyday count until the end"

March 30,  2015

Hey what’s up guys!

Glad to here you guys had a good enjoyable relaxing week! It sounds like you have some fun plans for Easter weekend. My week has been pretty normal; the cold weather has continued to stay around a little bit. It looks like this will finally be the week that we can say good bye to the cold weather because everyday looks like it will be in the 60s.

So we are currently down to one investigator who is doing really well. The finding efforts have been tough for our whole zone for the last couple months. We have to potential investigators who look very promising and want to get taught, we just have to touch base with them and meet up with them.

Sunday was a good church service and Sunday night we had the big inter-faith Easter program at our church. More people showed up to it than at stake conference, it was pretty awesome. Most of the program however we were ushers and security detail ha-ha so I didn’t get to see much of the program which was fine.

I’m going on exchanges tomorrow with my buddy elder J from Park City so that should be fun. We have a lot of service set up for this week (yard work) for members so we will be doing a lot of that. This is the last full week of the Transfer and I’m pretty sure I’m getting transferred and I think it will be nice for some new scenery and probably my last area. My guess is on the Columbia zone were the mission home is and that area because I haven’t been to that area yet but who knows.

Anyways, Conference should be awesome; all the men are going to a buffet before Priesthood session on Saturday so that should be fun. This will be my last one on my mission and in the fall me and dad can go hit up Crown burger or something before we go together :) I hope you guys have a fun relaxing Easter weekend. I’m sure mine will be nice as well; we are going to my ward mission leader’s house for dinner that day. Anyways I love you guys! Talk to you soon! 

Love Wes

March 23, 2015
Hey guys!

Wow not much to say about this last week ha-ha! I don’t know how it is in Utah but a lot of people are sick around here! It must be the last but before spring and summer hits.

We had zone training on Tuesday which was good, I didn’t have to instruct so that was nice to just take it easy ha-ha.

We dropped all of our investigators except R who is getting baptized in April and D and G. So we only have two investigators that we are currently working with but its cool we are going to find some more these next few weeks.

With our new Bishopric we currently have, our ward is tearing it up and getting everything going with missionary work and visiting less actives and everything. Our awesome bishop had us over for dinner and went out stopping by fewer actives with us. And the second counselor brother L who a stud is taking us out for lunch at Cafe Rio on Thursday and driving us around and stopping by a ton of less-actives. So we are staying busy and doing work and going hard in the paint ha-ha.

Anyways that’s pretty much all I got for this week. I look forward to your package or whatever it is. I will probably get transferred in two weeks from Brunswick and move to probably my last area. I’m going to keep working hard and making everyday count until the end. I love you guys! Have a great week!

Love Wes


Hey guys!

Great emails this week, thanks!  Anyways glad to here you guys had a super busy week that was full of fun things. Thanks for the pictures you sent! I loved them all and dang that tie I gave Dad is a good looking tie ha-ha, Go tar heels.

Anyways this week was super good and pact for me too. I had leadership on Friday and I was the second oldest district leader there which was so weird. Everyone is now a lot younger than me. Our ward is tearing it up and inviting all there friends and stuff to church and we are picking up new investigators left and right. R is doing so well and will get baptized in mid April.

Our new bishopric is FANTASTIC and the ward has improved so much since I have been here and is one of the hottest wards in the mission right now. Life is good and everything is going well. We were so stinking busy this week that I can’t believe its Preparation day today.

I did a baptismal interview this week for a girl the sisters are teaching who was baptized on Sunday and that was awesome. Over 75 people came to the baptism. It’s warming up here slowly but surely. I’m hoping we will see some 70 degree temps here this week.

I have been working out pretty dang hard in our apartment complex gym every morning. We wake up at six and work out hard for an hour doing lifting, curling, planks, abs flutters and doing lots of trap and lat work outs as well as running. I have got my curls with 30 pound weights to 25 reps without stopping with each hand. I stopped drinking soda altogether and I haven’t drank any mtn dew or anything for about a month now and I have lost about 2 to 3 pounds off abdominal area which is the hardest thing to lose for everyone on a mission ha-ha but its still a work in Progress.

Anyways everything is going well glad to here you are doing well. Thanks for all you guys do I love you guys. You are all seriously the best. Keep on working hard! Have a great week!

Love Wes

March 9, 2015

Hey family!

I hope everyone is doing well this great week. This week has been a roller coaster of weather here as well. It was cold all week until Thursday and it snowed 7 inches. Friday it got up into the 40's and since then it has been in the high 50s finally! It looks like the good weather is finally here to stay. Normally, Maryland winters don’t last as long as Utah winters and snow in April is not a common occurrence so I'm crossing my fingers that the snow and cold weather are finally over. 

This week we were able to see quiet a few less active members which were good. Three of them came to church on Sunday so that was really good to see. We had a good lesson with D and G and brother M, our ward mission leader came with us and they are still trying to make the commitment to live the Gospel. Our other 3 investigator appointments cancelled because of sickness and the weather. We have all our investigator appointments set up this week and the weather is good so we should be able to get the ball rolling on baptism with a couple of them this week.

The rest of the week was pretty decent. It was stake conference weekend here so we had the adult session Saturday night and Stake Conference on Sunday which was both really good. The stake Presidency here are a bunch of studs and President and Sister Richards both spoke as well and elder Gerard of the Seventy who is a stellar seventy all spoke so they were really good meetings.

Today was fun, we got some good sleep and then we got to play basketball with a lot of missionaries. The other Fredrick zone got permission to come over and play so it made for some games and decent competition.

That’s about all that's going on. I have Leadership on Friday. I hope I get released leadership soon. President has already released a lot of leaders in my group and the group before me. I have been a district leader for almost 9 months now! Crazy! Thanks for the letter you guys sent to me this week and for all your support. I am planning on writing a letter to Grandma and she really wants me to write to M and his kids too so hopefully I can find some time to do that soon. Anyways I love you all very much! Have a great week!

Love Wes

March 2, 2015

Hey family!

I hope you guys are doing well and you guys are staying warm. I don’t know why you guys are worried about me, it makes me nervous when you say your worried about me and I have no idea why ha-ha.

Anyway I am pretty ecstatic right now. We have 2 investigators on date. Both young men and doing excellent. Our bishopric was changed on Sunday and I am so stoked about the new people in the bishopric. They are all very missionary minded and the work here in the Brunswick ward is starting to take off.

Our ward mission leader has been taking us out a lot and has been giving rides places since our cars have been grounded because of the massive amounts of freezing rain we have been having.

My new companions name is elder W.  He came out with me and is from Farmington, Utah.

Anyways our week has been really good even with the terrible weather we have been having it has been super cold and it’s rained and snowed and we have had freezing rain and it’s been insane. Luckily today it was in the 40's so it felt really good and all the snow and ice is melting off.

Wednesday was a little weird day sending my companion home and seeing the sisters who came out with me. But it really wasn't anything too crazy. I'm glad I wasn't going home, I still have a little bit left to do out here until I go home ha-ha. I'm stoked about our investigators, and a lot of less actives we have been working with have been coming to church to, so the ward is really happy with all the good stuff going on :)

Everybody knows I’m a University of Utah fan in this ward, so on Sunday everybody was talking smack about BYU beat Gonzaga because I gave everyone a hard time when Utah smashed on BYU earlier this year ha-ha. Anyways that’s about all that going with me. Anyways I love you guys, I hope everyone is enjoying school and you guys are having fun. When I get home things should be fun for sure. Have a great week!

Love Wes