Monday, October 27, 2014

Letter from October 27, 2014

Hey guys,

It has been a crazy week. Transfer meeting turns out no big announcements or anything, like you already know we are reading the BOM in 60 days. My new companion elder k is from Hyrum, Utah by Logan. His family is farmers basically. He came out the transfer before me so he’s been out awhile. He is a nice kid and is in to ball room dance and stuff. He is even more so different than me than elder B is but it doesn’t really matter.

This last week has been pretty stressful. We haven’t had contact with R the whole week and he didn’t come to church. So I am really worried about him and as the district leader the zone leaders got on me and were wondering all sorts of questions about why he didn’t come...

T is good to go for this Saturday for baptism so we are excited about that. Friday I have leadership meeting in Fredrick and no proselyting on Halloween night. I did like the voice recorder you sent but I really have not been able to record anything of my own yet, so I will get on that.

Do you guys have any fun plans for Halloween? We will probably end up doing a zone activity or something but I’m not sure. Next week is that mission tour thing with Elder and Sister Perkins so that should be interesting. It may be on a Monday too so I might not email you till next Tuesday, just a heads up.

My ward mission leader told me about the Utah game and I was super stoked to here they won. So anyways I miss you guys, I hope you are all doing well and you are all happy. Anything cool or fun coming up? Is it still warm in Utah? Anyways I love you guys very much! Have a good week ok?! :)

love wes

Thursday, October 23, 2014

October 14th and 20, 2014 letters

October 20, 2014

Hey guys!

So I'm not getting transferred and elder baker is getting transferred to Winchester. My new companions name is Elder K and he is a nice down to earth kid. I don't really know to much about him. We will probably have different interests but its all good I'm sure we will have a good transfer. 

A lot of people got moved around in my zone/ the mission. So there is a lot of changes in locations for missionaries. President Richards has asked everyone in the mission to come to transfer meeting regardless if anyone in your companionship is getting transferred so everyone has a lot of speculation about why hes doing it. 

Anyways I have been super busy lately. Me and the other two district leaders in my zone have been putting together zone training for tomorrow and we didn't get to much notice, so were working hard to get that done. Elder and sister Perkins of the seventy are coming on November 3rd and 4th and we have everyone has to prepare a short talk and prepare to teach them the Restoration. So I have been stressing out a little bit. Especially since if me and elder K get asked to teach then I will probably have to do most of the teaching.  Anyways it will all be fine I'm sure.

 I'm glad everything worked out with you and the B's. They are the bomb! That's so cool you were able to meet them.  Anyways Thanks for sending me a package with the B's. I cant wait to get it tonight! 

This last week we got to see meet the Mormons, and it was good! Especially as a missionary haha. Brother Neomatololo [from Meet The Mormons] is the man especially its crazy how he is in my Stake. 

Anyways thanks so much for all that you guys do for me! Let me know if there is anything I can do for you guys. I still am planning on sending you my camera soon. I love you guys very much I hope everything continues to go well for all of you! Have a great week!

love Elder LeGrande

October 14,

Hey guys!

This last week was a super good week! We had some awesome lessons with our investigators! T is not getting baptized this Saturday but next Saturday on the 25th! He is getting interviewed on Thursday and since hes my investigator I won't interview him the zone leaders will. But he is doing really good right now and is pretty solid so I'm super pumped he is getting baptized after meeting with missionaries for 2 years now! 

We also had a sweet lesson with R this last week and he came out to church and is getting baptized on November 8th! He is super excited to be in the church and he really wants to get baptized so that is pretty dope! 

Transfers are coming up next week as  you know. I suspect that I will stay in Severn and elder B will get transferred but who knows what will happen. More and more of the old missionaries who I am really good friends with are all leaving so its really weird. I don't know hardly any missionaries that came out after me and that's like the majority of the mission now haha. 

So anyways how is all of your lives going? Sounds like everything is pretty normal back home. That reminds me! My recent convert D and her member husband D are in Utah right now visiting family. And they were wanting to get together with you two and elder B's parents and do like a lunch or something on Saturday at like 11 or 1? Is that something you think would work? 

Give them a call and tell them your my parents. They will be expecting your call! They are super awesome people I'm sure you will like them. Anyways I want to here how everyone is doing! What else cool is going on with you guys? Thanks for sending me a package though!  Anyways I love you guys very much! I will let you know what happens with transfers this next week! I love you guys! Have a great week! 

Love wes

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

October 6, 2014

Hey guys!

I’m glad you all had a great week, it sounds like you all had a good week!

General Conference was awesome as always. We were able to get R & T both to watch conference with us and different members’ houses. We went to the bishop’s house to watch a session and eat dinner and we went to our ward mission leader’s house to watch another. The other two sessions we watched at the church and priesthood session.

There were a ton of good talks. I really like elder Holland’s talk on looking after the poor, elder Robbins' talk on not lowering our standards, and both talks in the regular session and priesthood by president Uchtdorf and president Eyeing. President Monson's talks were good but seemed to be a little more serious than normal for him. But there were a lot of other good talks as well.  Oh yeah and for priesthood session our ward had ice cream before it started.

The rest of this week was pretty normal. Nothing too crazy happened, T is still good for the 18th but I’m a little worried about him. I hope everything works out with it.

Basketball on Tuesday was also really fun. We had sooo many people come out. The weather is starting to cool down here.

Today it’s a nice 74 degrees for a high. Today for preparation day we drove to Columbia with the zone leaders to adjourn as the "high baller council" ha-ha it was a ton of fun. There were a lot of good players there but I lead all scorers again ha-ha. Its nice being able to play basketball a decent amount my shot has been nice and consistent for awhile now! :)

Our mission gets to watch meet the Mormons next week as a zone, so that will pretty sweet!

So how is everything going back home? Is it cooling down? It’s crazy that its fall and I only have 2 more seasons before I come home in the summer.

My friends have already started emailing me trying to convince me to go to Dixie and [other] people trying to talk me in to going to Utah [State]; But I’m trying not to think about that stuff right now even though its in the back of my mind. I’m still pretty sure I won’t go to school until the spring semester when I get home.

Anyways I’m happy to be out here on a mission and am realizing that two years really isn’t [going to be] forever and really not that long of time ha-ha. But thanks for your nice emails and sports updates.  I hope you guys all have a good week! I love ya very much! :)

Love Wes

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Letters from September 22 and 29

September 22, 2014

Hey Guys,

… my birthday was pretty good. We had zone training and everyone sang me happy birthday and were really nice so it was cool. 

Our car got taken away from our area so that was a big bummer. We have been riding bikes all week and it has been really hard to see all of our investigators. 

But R…and T… are still doing well. We will have to move R’s date back though because we have a lot to teach him still… Thanks so much for everything, I really appreciate it. I love you guys very much. I hope you guys have a good week :) 


September 29, 2014

Hey family!

It was nice hearing from all of you! Crazy that S… is home from his mission! It made me realize I have been gone for a very long time haha…. I have been meaning to email bishop for awhile. I will shoot him one after this. I miss that guy a ton! 
Anyways this week has had nice mild weather which has been good for biking and walking. Me and elder Baker calculated we put over 100 miles on our bikes this last week. Both of us are soooo sick of riding bikes haha. 

As hard as it its been, we have been doing very well with everything still. T… should be good for the 18th and R… unfortunately just got a job and has been super busy so we didn't really get to meet with him. 

We had some other good investigator lessons as well too. One cool guy named Z… who is Muslim is doing pretty well. He liked the restoration which was awesome to here. He owns 3 really famous pizza joints in DC which were on man vs food and some other shows like that. 

Basketball on tuesday nights is going EXTREMELY well. We have 4 wards playing right now and we had 28 people show up last week. So this week we are taking half to our church building to play, so it should be fun. We have a sweet less active RM coming to play and he wants to come back to church and his wife is a non member. 

Also another part member family in our ward was on date in a different ward close to us, but now they live in our ward so we will probably get  a baptism out of that deal-i-o! So that’s pretty awesome. Leadership meeting this last week in Fredrick was fun. It was cool to see all my good buddies who came out with me and stuff. 

Its weird to see how our group and the group before is like 85 percent of the leadership in the mission haha. So today I bought that awesome suit and got it tailored. I will send you a picture of me in it with my watch! How are the girls liking school?  Anyways I love you guys and appreciate all you do! Have a good week! Let me know if you have any questions. 

Love,  Wes