Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Last Letter! August 10, 2015

Hey fam!
Holy fetch! I cant believe this week has come, my head is still in the mission and it still doesn't feel real! I am unbelievable excited to see you guys though! Tim has seriously flown! I just sent you another email but I need the church address as soon as possible please to send an invite to all my home boys and home girls. Anyways I love you guys so much I am so pumped! I am glad those are the kind of talks you guys like because my entire talk will probably just be stories and experiences and things like that. I could probably talk for all 3 hours of church if I wanted haha. Anyways I hope we have a little bit of time after my talk to see people! There are a ton of people coming from far away to see me speak so I want to have some time with them before we leave on Sunday! Anyways  So whats the plan for Thursday?? Who's going to make it out to the airport?? I cant wait to spend time and have a blast with you guys. Anyways the bike and helmet will be left here as far the bike lock goes hahah. That will be a story for home. Anyways I love you guys see you in 3 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Sunday, August 9, 2015

August 3, 2015

Hey family!
This is the last week! Whatttttt theeee Fetttch!? How did that even happen? I am honestly in full denial that this is all really happening haha. It really doesn't feel real at all, it honestly doesn't feel like I am going home next. I am sure that when I get to transfer meeting things will start to get real. 

Anyways don't worry about luggage I am well aware of the 50 pound requirements, the mission has told us all about 20 times haha. I have been slowly getting rid of stuff and should have hopefully have plenty of room for my stuff. I am going to have more shoes and ties then anything in my suit cases haha. So much of my clothes are trashed. I will probably come home with just the shirt on my back and my other two shirts that aren't as bad yet haha. 

But that reminds me, there is a member in our ward who owns a super nice running store and he hooked me up with a brand new pair of the new nike frees! They are so sick! So when I get home maybe we can do some running. 

Anyways I don't even know what to talk about. Tony is on date for the 15th and doing good. Its been insanely hot and humid. I am soooo stoked to not sweat profusely every day when I get to Utah haha. By the way trying to think of what to say in my homecoming talk is like next to impossible! So far all I have is a bunch of stories that I could possibly tell. This is so weird haha.

I go to the temple with my group on Wednesday so that should be fun. Ummmmm I am super excited to see everyone. I don't know what else to say guys. I love ya! See you next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love wes

Sunday, August 2, 2015

July 27, 2015 letter

Hey guys! 
Sounds like you guys had a blast of a week! Today isn't my preparation day because its the quarterly temple week so my prep day is on Wednesday but we were allowed to email today. Its kind of funny though because since the temple is closed the week I leave I will be going to the temple with President and sister Christiansen and my group next week as well so that's pretty sick. 
I really don't have much to say about this week. Nothing crazy happened, our investigator is doing well he has been coffee free for two weeks. unfortunately I will miss his baptism by a week, but that ok. Its going to pretty sweet in two weeks when I can tell you guys some mission stories when I get home! I am looking forward to the good times we are going to have when I get home. 
I have already started to stress a little bit about work and school but I am sure it will all be just fine. I have some pretty potential jobs lined up so hopefully I can land a good job and make some money. Anyways thank you very much for sending me the stuff so quickly. I really appreciate it! 
Anyways I hope you guys have some fun stuff lined up for us to do when I get home! I love you guys! Enjoy the week! Dad better be ready to ball when I get home on Wednesday nights! Love ya!

Love wes

Sunday, July 26, 2015

July 20th letter

Hey guys!  

Holy fetch it has been insanely hot this week here. Yesterday it hit 100 with 85 percent humidity. I seriously have bee looking like Shaq this last week with how much I have been sweating! 

I mowed 7 different lawn this past week. One of the them was a full acre of grass that me and elder W did with two lawn mowers, there has been a serious need for service this past week!

Everyone in our ward is moving out so that has been kind of a bummer. I feel bad for elder W haha because everyone is leaving. This Saturday after we cleaned the church a member of the bishopric took us to lunch and while we were there we started talking to this guy there named J who just bought a house in the area. Anyways we talked to him and offered some help to go over and help him at his new place with mowing his grass and pulling weeds and all that good stuff. Anyways him and his family are super awesome Christian people who really want to come to our church and learn more, so that was super cool! We also stopped by this former investigator family of 5 that were stoked to see us and we are going by there this weeks as well. So overall it was a super good busy week. 

Anyways elder W found out when I get home so the secret is out haha, but its all good! Time is flying by and not going slow at all. 3 weeks till we can all hang out!! Yeah buddy!!!! Its going to be super fun I am looking forward to seeing you guys so much!

 Anyways That's about all that happened this week. By the way I spoke on the book of Mormon last week haha, pretty easy topic right? I had about 30 minutes of material with only a 7 minute timeslot given haha. Anyways that's about all I got for this week! I love you guys!  Have a great week!

Love wes 

Monday, July 20, 2015

July 13 letter from Wes

Hey fam!

It was another super hot humid week here in Frederick. We have been walking/biking our butts off this last week. I have dropped 4 pounds since getting to the area and quitting soda again which is nice haha. 

Anyways things are going pretty well. We have an investigator on date to be baptized in August so we are pretty pumped about that. We dropped all our other investigators because of numerous reasons. Elder W still doesn't know I go home August 12th hahaha. People have been doing a pretty good job of not blowing it. 

Things are getting weird though. B emailed me and was telling me that we are speaking on the same day again which is pretty sweet! I am pretty stoked to see you guys and the fam and all of my buddies again. Everyone has been emailing me yesterday and trying to set some stuff up for us to do when I get home. 

So the wedding invitation is from the elders quorum president in Annapolis. He is the man! He is by far one of my favorite members on my mission! He told me he would end an invitation to my house. I don't think I will be able to go, unless you guys want to tour the east coast and the mission? Haha I'm sure there is no way we could swing that. Anyways that's all I got for the week. I love you guys though! Let me know if you find out what my topic to speak on is from bishop ok? By the way I forgot to tell you I spoke in Sacrament yesterday with sister S and the ward mission leader here. It went well. Anyways I LOVE you! Have a great week!

Love wes

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

July 6, 2015 Letter

What is up family,

Happy late fourth of July! Sounds like your week was pretty packed with stuff that you guys did, I cant believe that you guys didn't go the parade! That is pretty different that the norm! [I was} glad to hear that the family all go together for the fourth …

This week was pretty crazy. It has been raining here on and off for about two weeks now. The temps haven't been too high so that has been pretty nice but the rain is lame especially when we have to walk or bike half the time haha.

On Thursday we had a mini zone conference that was only about 3 hours long where we got to know the Christiansen's so that was pretty cool. They are both super awesome but quite a change from the Richards so it has been a little weird to adjust. They are super sick though and I like them a lot but I miss the Richards a lot too.

That's pretty sweet that you guys will be going to their homecoming this week! You will probably see a ton of my friends from the mission that have gone home. Anyways on Friday our entire zone went to President O of the Frederick stake presidency, and set up all day for the fourth of July party that was on Saturday.

Then on Saturday morning we had to drive to his house to be there at 6:45 to set up some last minute stuff. The party was pretty cool but it rained pretty much the whole time. We were directing traffic for most of the time. When the party was finally done it was super muddy and everyone was parked in a muddy slanted field so we had to push out a ton of cars and everyone got super muddy but I managed to stay pretty clean haha.

The Christiansen's were at the party so I have got to see them more than just about everyone in the mission that's pretty cool. Anyways, The rain cleared out for the night and we enjoyed a pretty sweet fireworks show in downtown Frederick so it was fun.

We were allowed to stay out until 10:30 PM.

I also went to the S’s [family’s house]  for dinner yesterday as you already know and that was pretty funny to figure out that she grew up with you. She was freaking out pretty hard haha.

My companion still doesn't know I’m going home in a few weeks so that's been pretty funny.

Anyways that all I got for this week! I love you guys! Enjoy this week!

Love wes

Monday, June 29, 2015

June Emails

Re: From MOMMY

June 29,

Hey fam!

What a week! Thanks for the updates of all of your summer time fun and things you guys are doing! It sounds like you all did a lot this last week! 

So before I forget I am serving in the Frederick 1st ward which is not the same ward as the Brunswick ward where I served in Frederick before. 
My address is 1335 Taney, apartment 302, Frederick, Maryland 21702. 

My Trainee is named Elder W from Lehi Utah. He is pretty sick, he just graduated from high school 4 weeks ago haha. He likes sports, he played on the Football team for Lehi high school and he's in to basketball so that's cool. 

He has no clue that I am going home in 6 weeks haha. So hopefully it can last that way, I will probably end up telling him the week of that I am going home. 

This area is a half car half walk area. So this last week the days we didn't have the car we walked like 20 miles one day. So that has been kind of an adjustment. Luckily it hasn't been very hot this last week so it was terrible although it rained a lot and we got pretty soaked. 

We have two investigators that were just barely picked up before we got here. Neither of them have answered the door or returned our call so we are pretty much starting from ground zero haha. 

Things just get weirder and weirder for me everyday haha. Pretty much all my good buddies except for the group I cam out with went home. I know like no one in the mission anymore haha. 

President and sister Richards are going home this week and we will be meeting President and sister Christiansen this next week. There is a mission wide famous 4th of July party and a member in our ward who is in the stake presidency here and is a retired colonel. We are helping him set up for this party that is expected to have 800 or so people at it so that will be fun. Six weeks left, its pretty dang weird! 

I am going to work my butt off though until August 12th. Anyways I don't have much else to say other than I love you guys and am looking forward to getting your package! Thanks for all you do! Talk to you next week!

Love wes

June 22, 2015

Hey fam bam!

First of all Dad, happy fathers day!!! I hope you had a good day and it sounds like you got some good stuff! I was thinking about you all day yesterday! 

Anyways we got call outs yesterday. I am getting transferred to the Frederick 1st ward and I am shot gun training. I wasn't too surprised when I heard I would be shot gun training because President likes to do have people do that there last transfer. I was pretty surprised that I was going back to Frederick though but it should be good. :) I am pretty sad to be leaving Annapolis though, everything is going really well here. We pretty much have 3 people on date who are really progressing and doing well. Annapolis may have been my favorite area and I had a blast here. Hopefully I should be able to get a ride down to Annapolis on july 11th for some baptisms we are having here. 

So D and his wife and two kids who are like my favorite members are moving to South Carolina and he is managing an office down there, anyways he pretty much offered me a job to sell for him and the average salesman is making 150000 dollars a year. He has been doing really well and I have really thinking about doing it at some time. What do you guys think? I for sure want to stay at home for a few months but this might be a really good opportunity. Its a hard decision but I certainly want to get an education as well. 

Anyways Its pretty sure real that this is my last transfer and everything. It doesn't feel real at all haha. President and Sister Richards leave next week and the Christiansens will be coming in. A lot of crazy changes I will be seeing my last transfer. Anyways some thing I have been needing that you could send me in a package is some razors. That would be awesome! I hate using electric and my razors that I have are getting dull. Thats' really all I can think of though. Crazy how I will see you guys in 7 weeks! It still hasn't hit me though. Anyways I hope you guys know I love ya and I am always thinking about you guys! I hope you guys keep enjoying your summer! Hope you all have a great week!

Love wes

June 16, 2015

What is up family!

Thanks for your emails and pictures. Crazy how school is out for the girls! You guys are so lucky that it hasn't been too hot in Utah. It has been 93 degrees or higher this whole week here in Maryland and has almost been unbearable. 

This week I went on exchanges with the office assistants this last week. I went to Ellicott city with elder P. He is from Austria and he is a stud. We had a blast. It was stake conference in the Columbia stake so on Saturday we had to go to the stake leadership training and the adult  session. We did a lot of service while I was there and we had to help renovate this guys house and his AC was broken and it was 96 degrees outside so it was brutal to work in. We also ended up having dinner with one of the members in Ellicott city who is closely related to the F's in our stake.  It was funny because he new exactly where I lived. 

Anyways the rest of the week was good our investigators are doing really well. J is still good for july 11th and we are also teaching his mom now and we are going to put her on date for the same day! We also street contacted this guy from originally from Nigeria who lived in London his whole life and we are teaching him now and he is sick! He came to church on Sunday and he is super interested! 

And the the R family btw is the family where we baptized there son about 3 weeks ago, do you remember that? So things are rollin' here in Nap town baby!!!...  Not every mission can have as good as missionaries as the MBM. Anyways that's about all I got for this week thanks for all you guys do. Like you all said this the last week before transfers crazy enough. I have not the slightest idea if I will stay in Annapolis or not. Anyways I love you guys have a good week! 

Love wes

June 9, 2015

Hey family! 
Sorry I forgot to tell you last week that we were having zone conference on Monday and so that's why I didn't email you yesterday. Before I forget to answer your question. yes i know sister S she was in the Jones falls ward and I ate at her restaurant in the inner harbor haha. 

This last week was really good. We put J on date for July 11th! His whole family including his less active returning dad and his non member mom! That family is killin' it right now! We also found another cool family to teach named the Q's and they are pretty cool too. 

This last week it rained most of the week and it just poured for about two days straight so I know how you felt when you went to that concert! I am super stoked to have zone conference out of the way though. It was a really good meeting but it was stressful to put some of the stuff together for the stake, so now its a big relief that I don't have to worry about it anymore. 

Today for Preparation day we went to golf range and hit about 80 balls. They let us use some brand new ping and Nike drivers that came out about a month ago and they were so sweet. I am pretty stoked when I come home to come golf with you guys. The weather is starting to really heat up here. Its 92 degrees currently and the humidity is pretty terrible. Twenty two months later and you still don't get used to the humidity. 

Anyways I cant believe you guys got my flight info. Its funny A called them trunky papers because that's what we call them here too haha. Only 8 preparation days left.... That is insane! I have been talking to a lot of people lately and it sounds like a ton of my buddies are coming home soon as well which will be super cool. 

Also forgot to mention that since President Richards is leaving in two weeks that he did the August groups exit interviews. So now I have already had my exit interview, which is so weird. President said he and sister Richards want to come to my homecoming haha. So presidents home coming will be July 12th and the Sandy, Granite Stake center. 

So that will be cool to go to for ya. I flippin' love the Richards so much I got so lucky with them as my mission president and mission mom. Btw we also got to got the temple with the R family this last week and it was awesome! Anyways that's about all I got for this week. I love you guys! Enjoy your summer until I get home and then the real party will start ;) haha love you guys!

Love wes