Wednesday, August 28, 2013

We were able to see Westley off at the airport. We arrived at 6 AM when he told us too and didn't see him, but saw A LOT of missionaries. They took their luggage onto Trax Frontrunner and rode it all the way from Provo to the airport. It was an hour and half ride.  It was so good to hug him one last time and say goodbye and bring him food for the plane. Here is an excerpt of his letter:

 August 24 "ALOT has happened since I last emailed you.  Anyway so my companion went I have been in a triple companionship with Elder Bell and Elder Terry, they are both super awesome. So anyway I miss you guys soooooo much thank you so much for the packages and letters, i enjoy reading them during my study time everyday they make me really happy, thanks for the food and especially the mountain dew! I have gotten a ton of letters from the family so that's been way awesome, particularly from uncle Marty and uncle jess, they both wrote me really heart felt letters about there missions and gave me some really good encouragement and advice, Robyn dropped by a huge package of goodies to the MTC so that was really nice, as well as some cupcakes from Marty. I have learned more than i could have imagined here at the MTC, my testimony of the spirit and book of Mormon have grown so much since I have been here, so far I am liking my mission and hope when I get to Baltimore I am able to teach well and learn fast. I don't have time to upload pictures today but ill send them next time. Continue to write me as much as possible I love getting letters from all of you. Sorry I cant write to each of you individually I just don't have nearly enough time. But i really loved all of your individual letters!"

Elder Wes was there with his two companions and Dallin his friend from our old ward going to the same mission. Dallin was without a companion, so Wes and he decided to stick together.

Elder Westley LeGrande at the MTC

"I miss you guys all very much... Since then though, I have felt a lot better and have learned so much here at the MTC already, it feels as if I have been here for quite some time. Anyways you will probably get this email before my letter gets to you so ill tell you about my first couple of days. My companions name is Elder Van der ver he is from park city and is a total stud and we get along really well. I am also bunking with two other Elders from Utah and they are really cool as well. The first two days were chalked full of classes and I felt as if they were going to work my brain and knowledge to death. I was exhausted the first couple of days. I have felt the spirit here extremely strong, and already have had some of the best spiritual experiences I have ever had. My testimony of the gospel has already grown so much stronger than what it was before I left. Anyways about the apartment I am staying in, the apartment is a four story building with dorms and community bathrooms, the showers are ice cold and never heat up so that really stinks but it wakes you up really fast haha. The beds we sleep on are all singles so they are really small, but I am always really tired at the end of the day so falling asleep is no problem. I have got to play a little basketball but the gym is extremely packed always so its tough to play full court. Anyways how are you all holding up? How is everything going at home and around west Jordan? I got your dear elders letters and reading those raised my spirits soooo much. I can receive those my elders everyday while at the MTC so continue to send me those pleasssse. I can only check my email on my P-day which is on Saturday here. I was wondering if you guys would send me a physical copy of a picture of our family, I would really like to have that and be able to look at that everyday. Again I miss you all so very much and I love you guys so much and I wish I would have told you that a lot more before I left. I hope to here from you very soon, I never could have realized how happy a letter from my family could mean to me. Please pray for me that I will be an effective and confident missionary, I know your prayers will really help me here. I know the gospel is true! And I know I need to share that with others. Anyway I have to go and I don't have much time to email so write me as soon as possible like you have been through, I hope you all stay safe and happy.
Love your son and brother,  Elder Westley LeGrande."