Sunday, August 9, 2015

August 3, 2015

Hey family!
This is the last week! Whatttttt theeee Fetttch!? How did that even happen? I am honestly in full denial that this is all really happening haha. It really doesn't feel real at all, it honestly doesn't feel like I am going home next. I am sure that when I get to transfer meeting things will start to get real. 

Anyways don't worry about luggage I am well aware of the 50 pound requirements, the mission has told us all about 20 times haha. I have been slowly getting rid of stuff and should have hopefully have plenty of room for my stuff. I am going to have more shoes and ties then anything in my suit cases haha. So much of my clothes are trashed. I will probably come home with just the shirt on my back and my other two shirts that aren't as bad yet haha. 

But that reminds me, there is a member in our ward who owns a super nice running store and he hooked me up with a brand new pair of the new nike frees! They are so sick! So when I get home maybe we can do some running. 

Anyways I don't even know what to talk about. Tony is on date for the 15th and doing good. Its been insanely hot and humid. I am soooo stoked to not sweat profusely every day when I get to Utah haha. By the way trying to think of what to say in my homecoming talk is like next to impossible! So far all I have is a bunch of stories that I could possibly tell. This is so weird haha.

I go to the temple with my group on Wednesday so that should be fun. Ummmmm I am super excited to see everyone. I don't know what else to say guys. I love ya! See you next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love wes

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